Hello Osko

Meet the faster way to pay.

Osko by BPAY® has been working with over 70 banks and financial institutions in Australia to bring you faster payments so you can send and receive money in under a minute, 24/7.

Best of all, it’s already part of your online banking, all you need is a PayID or BSB and account number.  

Goodbye waiting. Hello Osko.

Why use Osko?


Osko Payments lets you send and receive money in under a minute between participating banks and financial institutions, 24/7 – even on weekends!

Goodbye waiting. Hello Osko.


When you send money, or receive it, it’s good to know what it’s for. With Osko Payments you get 280 characters to describe it, so you can really go to town! And you don’t even have to stick with words either.


Osko Payments uses PayID, which is a simpler alternative to BSB and account number. You can be paid or make payments using someone’s registered mobile number, email address or ABN – easy!

Goodbye headaches. Hello Osko.


Osko payments are made within your online banking and is backed by BPAY, so you know that it’s super safe.

Goodbye worries. Hello Osko.

How does your bank work with Osko?

Osko payments is already in the online banking of participating banks and financial institutions, typically built into 'Pay Anyone'. Each one does it differently to suit their customers so find out how to do it at your bank. See, it’s that easy with Osko.