Frequently asked questions

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Paying with Osko
How do I use Osko®?

With Osko you don't need to do a thing, Osko Payments are already supercharging your bank transfers, enabling your money to be sent and received in under a minute, 24/7 even on weekends. Keep an eye out on your next bank transfer, if you see the Osko logo you'll know your money will get there fast! We hope you enjoy the benefits of supercharged payments, as much as we do. Check to see if your bank offers Osko.

How does PayID work with Osko?

You can make Osko Payments either to a PayID or simply a BSB and Account Number depending on the bank. A PayID allows customers to register an easy-to-remember piece of information, such as a phone number or email address, to use in place of a BSB and Account Number. Find out more about PayID 

How will I know who I can pay?
Just ask the person you want to pay if their bank offers Osko Payments. Then you can ask for their PayID (if they have one - get them to set one up if they don't!) or BSB and account number. Search to see if a bank offers Osko. Too easy!
How secure is Osko Payments?

Relax. Osko is implemented using your bank’s own security standards together with the best industry standards and is backed by BPAY so you know it's super safe.

Where does the name Osko come from?
Osko is a new word, created for a new way to pay and receive money in under a minute.
How is Osko by BPAY different from BPAY?
Osko and BPAY are both found within your online banking platforms. Osko by BPAY supercharges your bank transfers when you send and receive money, perfect for when you need to pay a mate back for dinner or pay a tradie. While BPAY is great for managing and paying bills straight from the security of your online banking. For more information visit BPAY.
Where do I find details about Osko in a PDS?
Fast payments? Yes please! To learn more about how Osko works in your bank, head to your bank's website and don't forget to check out their Product Disclosure Statement to decide whether Osko is right for you.
Osko Payment query?
Is a payment taking longer than a minute to process?

We're sorry to hear! From time to time your bank may experience technical difficulties which can cause delays in sending or receiving Osko Payments. As Osko payments are made within your online banking if you need more information please contact your bank directly.

Did you accidentally pay the wrong person?

If you have accidentally paid the wrong person please contact your bank as soon as possible as they have processes in place to manage payments made to the wrong bank account.

Still need help?
Osko Payments are made within your online banking and to protect your privacy we don't hold any personal information related to your Osko Payment. For assistance on an Osko transaction you will need to contact your bank.
Offer Osko to your customers
Osko payments are all made from within your online banking. To offer Osko to your customers, please contact your bank . If you have contacted your bank and still have questions, please fill in the below.