How could Osko® work for you?

Osko is a fast, simple way to pay or get paid more conveniently, without the hassle of cash. Here’s how.

for fast money

When you have to spot your son for a late-night cab fare. Or you need to send money to a friend before a ticketing session closes. Osko gives you peace of mind knowing that the money will be there when they need it.

for paying your share

Whether you’re at a restaurant that ‘doesn’t do’ split bills, or you’re in a share house that splits rent and bills, you can pay your share faster with Osko. No more chasing for money. Or being chased.

works with
small businesses

Sometimes your customers don’t have cash on them when they need it. Whether it’s for a flat tyre, a burst pipe, or an emergency bikini wax, with Osko they can pay you safely and quickly without needing a trip to a cash machine.

How to pay with Osko

You can make a faster, 24/7 payment with Osko all within your online banking. Simply ask your mate for their PayID or BSB and Account number. If their bank or financial institution also has Osko the payment will arrive in under a minute – too easy!

No bank details? No worries.

With PayID you can use a mobile number or email address to pay someone, or be paid by someone, and Osko will make the payment go through in under a minute. It is a simple alternative to remembering BSB and Account numbers.

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Need help?

The questions you weren’t sure about asking or didn’t even know to ask.

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Coming soon to Osko

There will be even more exciting features being added to Osko in future … watch this space!